How to case leather Leather working tips on how to case your leather so it can be tooled and carved. The leather tool used for carving the leather is called a swivel knife. This swivel knife is made by Barry King Tools and features a 1/4″ hollow ground blade and is a very good choice […]

2018 Leather Craft How to Video Tutorials YouTube. Hand carving thick saddle leather with the new year 2018. I use Craftool bevelers from Tandy Leather and my swivel knife is made by Barry King of Barry King leather tools. You are welcome to watch my tooling carving leather tutorials and leathercraft instructional videos. Leather working, […]

Craftool Swivel Knife Review by Bruce Cheaney Craftool one of the best leather carving swivel knives you can get for the money. This five minute video tutorial will show you how to tap off a leather design onto wet and cased leather then carve the design into the leather using the Craftool easy comfort swivel […]

Leather Carving Tutorial and Video by Bruce Cheaney Leather tools for tooling carving are King swivel knife, Craftool leather stamps, Frogjelly leather maul. The leather piece I am drawing this flower on is called saddle skirting and is 13/15 ounce in weight and the thickness allows me to cut and bevel my design rather deep. […]

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