Leather Tooling Basics

Leathercraft Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney

I like and use Craftool leather stamping tools and here are the ones you can get to get started.

Craftool A888 Background Tool and Matting Tool

Craftool B802 Coarse Beveler

Craftool B803 Coarse Beveler

Craftool C426 Camouflage Tool

Craftool P212 Pear Shader

Craftool V715 Shell Tool

Craftool V400 Veiner

This list of leather stamps is a great starter set and this is what I recommend.

You can purchase these from the Tandy Leather in Ft Worth Texas on online at their website. It would be good for you to request a Tandy Leather Factory Buyers Guide this will be very helpful for you to find leathercraft tools, leather, hardware and patterns.

I use a Barry King swivel knife with a 1/2″ barrel and 1/4″ hollow ground blade and you can get one from Barry King Tools in Sheridan WY.

The mauls I use are made by Maul Master and I purchased mine from the Weaver Leather Company in Mt. Hope, Ohio.

Leather tools for tooling and carving leather Craftool leather stamping tools. Maul Master leather stamping mauls, Barry King Tools brass swivel knife

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