Leathercraft Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney I like and use Craftool leather stamping tools and here are the ones you can get to get started. Craftool A888 Background Tool and Matting Tool Craftool B802 Coarse Beveler Craftool B803 Coarse Beveler Craftool C426 Camouflage Tool Craftool P212 Pear Shader Craftool V715 Shell Tool Craftool V400 […]

Leathercraft Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney Leather Maul for tooling and stamping leather designs. I use this leather maul for beveling and back grounding around my carved designs. Review of my new Frogjelly leather maul. Leather tooling and stamping maul that works great and does not make your wrist and hands tired. Frogjelly leather […]

Tooling and Carving Leather Video with Bruce Cheaney I like and use my favorite swivel knife for carving my leather designs and the swivel knife that works best for me is made by Barry King Tools of Sheridan Wyoming. The leather tools I like for beveling are made by Craftool and I get them from […]

Hello! Welcome the new leathercraft forum you will find leather working articles How to videos resources for leather, leather tools, leather supplies Bruce from the leathercraft forum.

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