Tooling and Carving Leather Video

Tooling and Carving Leather Video with Bruce Cheaney

I like and use my favorite swivel knife for carving my leather designs and the swivel knife that works best for me is made by Barry King Tools of Sheridan Wyoming. The leather tools I like for beveling are made by Craftool and I get them from Tandy Leather in Fort Worth Texas. The numbers of the bevelers are Craftool B801, B802 and B803. I have used Craftools from the very beginning of my leather tooling and carving career. I know they will work great for you too. I have used all kinds of leather mauls from handmade to factory made and the two leather mauls that work the best for me are made by Maul Master. The tooling and carving leather video that you see posted here shows you some of my work and explains how I transfer my designs from one piece of saddle skirting leather to another.

Tooling and Carving Leather

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